G2 Esports vs MAD Lions will be the first Quarter-final of the LEC’s 2020 Spring split. The best team in Europe will face off against debutants of the LEC, who’ve been impressive this season. To have more insights on this LEC G2 Esports vs MAD Lions match, please check out the eSports preview below.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports (15-3) are without a doubt the favourite to win it all in Europe. Despite that, this regular season was a lot different for G2 compared to previous ones as they showed a lot more weaknesses this split. It’s hard to tell if whether they’re not focusing at 100% or they just missdrafted their team comps, but the fact is that gave a lot more opportunities for other teams than were expected. Anyway, in the last few games that mattered the most, G2 dominated most of them, so most of their performance depends on the importance of the match. This will be the first playoff series of League of Legends played offline, so this might lead to some surprises, but despite that, G2 will be the favourites for the match.

MAD Lions

Mad Lions (11-7) have been one of the most pleasant surprises this season. MAD Lions bought Splyce’s LEC spot before this split and debuted even better than they were expected to. With such a young roster led by promising ADC Carzzy and talented jungler Shadow, MAD Lions even managed to defeat G2 in their second meeting in the regular season. Lions thrive in the mid-game as they have a very well-coordinated play-style. Lions got behind in the early games in some of the previous matches, but with the strong mid-game, they often recover and win games from behind. It would be very naive to expect them to beat G2 in a playoff series, but MAD should definitely show the world how much they’ve improved throughout the season.

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions H2H

The H2H is split between these teams at 1-1.