Fnatic Rising vs Mousesports should be a great match at the second round of the EU Masters regular season group stage. This will be a match between two of the best teams of the tournament showing up against each other. To have more insights on this EU  Masters Fnatic Rising vs Mousesports match, please check out the eSports preview below.

Fnatic Rising

Fnatic Rising are the second team of the Fnatic organization, who is one of the most known esports organizations worldwide. Some players of the current Fnatic Rising roster have already played in LEC and have experience on the highest stage. This Fnatic roster was supposed to dominate the group stage considering how weak the opposition in this group is, but they managed to lose the match against Energypot Wizards and is currently 2-1. Every victory in this stage is important because not finishing the group stage in the 1st place might lead to getting a lot stronger opponents in the first round of the playoffs. Fnatic Rising have good players but teamwork is not at the highest level currently, so there are still a lot of things to improve on in order to win the tournament.


In Germany located team are best known for their victories in other esports, while their League of Legends roster are still trying to earn their spot between the best teams. Mousesports is a Germany based esports organization, who have 3 former LEC players in their League of Legends team. Mousesports have lost against Fnatic Rising in the first round of the group stage and will seek revenge now. The roster of this team is quite good, but this team has absolutely 0 chemistry. By watching Mousesports games it feels almost like solo, where everyone are doing their own thing. In order to win reach something, bigger Mousesports roster will have to learn how to play together.

Fnatic Rising vs Mousesports H2H

Fnatic Rising have won the previous match in this EU Masters season, which is the only match these two teams played against each other.