The last week of the LCS 2020 Spring Split group stage. FlyQuest vs Team Liquid will be a very interesting match between the current LCS champions, who are fighting for the playoff spot, against one of the most surprising teams, who have already locked their spot in the playoffs. To have more insights on this LCS Flyquest vs Team Liquid match, please check out the preview below.


Flyquest (9-7) have been one of the most surprising teams in this split so far. With the additions of PowerOfEvil (midline) and IgNar (support), this team started to play even more aggressively, but well-coordinated game-style. Their second-split toplaner V1per is one of the strongest individual players in the whole LCS and he should be back for this week after missing the previous one. Santorin (jungle) is also finding a lot of opportunities to gank in the laning phase and with the leads that FlyQuest take they often are hard to stop after the mid-late game transitions. Flyquest are almost guaranteed a playoff spot and the victory against Team Liquid would not only give it to them 100% but also would make them Top3 contenders, so the stakes are high for this match.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid (7-9) are without a doubt the best team in the league for the past 2 years, but this split were not as good for the team. A lot of hopes were given for the team after the formed Fnatic jungler, Broxah joined the team. Either way, he couldn’t play for a few weeks and this led to Team Liquid not finding the right form as the season progressed. As the stakes are the highest, it’s hard to imagine former champions not making it to the playoffs. Their last match against Golden Guardians were dominating and we should expect Team Liquid to continue riding the momentum and making it to the playoffs. H2H Team Liquid managed to win 4 out of last 5 matches these teams played against each other.