LPL’s 2020 Summer Split. This will be an interesting match between two similar ranked teams as both of them will try to sneak their way into the playoffs this season. To have more insights on this LPL eStar vs LNG Esports match, please check out the preview here below on Smashingtip. Moreover, after Covid-19 bookmakers giving special offers which you can find on


EStar was definitely a team that surprised the most in Spring Split. Not only has it been their first season in the strongest league in China, but they’ve also been one of the best teams in the regular season and reached the playoffs easily. There always are a lot of speculations about the new teams joining the best leagues, if they’re good enough individually if they’re prepared etc. And eStar actually delivered not only the strong individual play but their teamwork kind of reminded the Griffin when they joined the LCK and started to smash the veteran teams. This split eStar changed their Mid-laner and have already lost their first match against LGD, but they will work their way out and should be able to reach the playoffs for sure.

LNG Esports

Esports LNG have been really surprising this season. LNG lost their first series of this split to Sunning Gaming, that are not even considered as one of the stronger teams. Despite that, LNG Esports recovered in the series after that and even been able to defeat FunPlus Phoenix after being down 0-1. And again, another upset appeared as they’ve smashed Royal Never Give Up in 2-0 fashion after not giving a chance in any of these games. Esports started to look dominant after the first game against FPX and it’s hard to tell what changed for them since their first series. But the fact is, this team is playing a lot better than expected and with this level of play they might be able to upset eStar as well.

eStar vs LNG Esports H2H

eStar have won the only series these two teams played against each other by 2-1.