Edward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up will play in the first round of the LPL’s Spring split playoffs. A great series are waiting for all the League of Legends fans as two of the best known LPL’s organizations will face off against each other. To have more insights on this LPL Edward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up match, please check out the eSports preview here below.

Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming have finished the season in the 6th spot and have not been performing as well as they used to lately. The main problem lies upon the unsuccessful drafting strategies that aren’t focused on the late game. With early game focused compositions Edward Gaming usually doesn’t get as many advantages as needed to enforce it in the midgame, so as the late game comes they suddenly run out of options. Even though coaches may not be doing the best job, EDG’s team fighting still remains as the main strength of this team. Scout will be the player to watch on this Edward Gaming team as he’s the most experienced member of the team, who is often the main carry of it.

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up has been the strongest organization of the LPL for many years and yet they only finished the season in 7th spot. It’s mainly due to consider the best ADC in the world, Uzi, not playing a single game in this season. Uzi’s replacement, Betty, hasn’t played bad but were not nearly close to the face of the organization. Despite Uzi’s absence, the strength of this team remains the team fighting. It’s a thing of beauty to watch this team managing to overcome huge deficits and being able to come back in seemingly impossible to do so matches. The fact is, Royal Never Give Up haven’t been great this season, but they have a very experienced roster who will not give up easily.

Edward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up H2H

Royal Never Give Up have won the last 6 matches against Edward Gaming in a row.