League of Legends Mid-season Cup, 2020. The 3rd placed team in LCK will face off against the winners of LPL Spring Split. This will be an interesting match between two great teams and in order to have more insights on this DragonX vs JD Gaming match, please check out the eSports preview here below on Smashingtip.


Dragon X had a pretty good Spring Split compared to their previous splits performances. This team also added one of the best Korean mid-laners, former Griffin member Chovy. Doran, one of the best youngsters of the league have also joined the team and have been performing a lot better than expected before the season started. DragonX strength mostly lays on ADC’s Deft’s shoulders. Deft have been carrying the team for few splits now and have been one of the most consistent ADC’s of the league. Deft together with Chovy forms a perfect carry duo who are dangerous in every part of the match starting with the laning phase and ending up with the late-game stage. This tournament is a good chance for DragonX to work things out as a team on a higher stage and to get some experience for some of the younger players.

JD Gaming

JD Gaming is currently the best-ranked team of the LPL as they managed to win the Spring Split. JD-Gaming’s biggest strength is a well-coordinated team play as they don’t have the strongest individuals in the world. JD’s have been great in the Spring Split but most of the other teams they’ve faced were not playing at their full potential. It’s mainly because Spring Split is considered to not be as important as the Summer one. It will be very interesting to see how JD Gaming matches the LCK’s opponents who will be very motivated to take revenge against their rival region.

DragonX vs JD Gaming H2H

These teams have never played against each other.