LCK Summer Split 2020. Two of the youngest and very skilled teams DragonX vs Afreeca Freecs will face off in an interesting battle. To have more insights on this DragonX vs Afreeca Freecs match, please check out the preview below and get best betting advice of other sports on Smashingtip. Moreover, after Covid-19 bookmakers giving special offers which you can find on


DragonX haven’t lost a single series so far in this split and is ranked first with 3-0 record so far. They’ve been dominant in early game stages in most of their matches, except maybe one game against Sandbox where DragonX got out drafted. Anyway, it was just a single game and DragonX finished the series with a comfortable 2-1 victory, taking it over in the other games. Deft is looking like the best ADC in the LCK at this moment and Chovy haven’t disappointed so far as well. This team have a huge potential and with the drafts, they’re getting done it’s definitely fun to watch this team. Former Griffin coach CvMax is doing a wonderful job with the lineup and we’ll have to see if DragonX will continue their winning ways against the other undefeated team on Sunday.

Afreeca Freecs

Afreeca Freecs haven’t lost a single series so far as well, but their opponents were not as strong compared to DragonX’s. Freecs handled Sandbox Gaming and Team Dynamics while DragonX defeated such teams as T1 and Gen.G. Either way, Afreeca have shown some strong laning phases in both of these series and their drafts were good as well. Kiin is in great shape and he’s always been the winning condition of this Afreeca Freecs team. With him playing well there are a lot more opportunities for Fly and Mystic to reach the later stages that they’re playing for most of the time. The main weakness of this team is in the jungle, because both players kind of struggle in some moments and are not as consistent as other laners.

DragonX vs Afreeca Freecs H2H

DragonX have won 3 out of last 5 matches these teams have played against each other.