Dragon X vs DAMWON Gaming will play in 16th round of the LCK regular split. Two of the Top 4 teams will face off against each other in an interesting match to see. To have more insights on this LCK Dragon X vs DAMWON Gaming e-Sports match, please check out the preview below.

Dragon X

Dragon X (11-4) are slowly but surely becoming a threat for the Top 2 seeded Gen.G and T1.  This team even managed to beat the 1st placed Gen.G in a 2-0 fashion recently and proved that they’re definitely in the conversation for the best team in the league. It’s beautiful to see how well DrX are drafting and there’s no wonder why former Griffin’s coach cvMax is considered as one of the best in the league. After the cvMax joined the team DrX improved their drafting, coordination in game and overall team-play. It’s one of the most talented squads in the league and if they keep playing so well as a team, we might have a great time watching these guys performing.


DAMWON Gaming (8-8) were one of the best teams in the league for few splits in a row. Despite that, this season haven’t started as promising as it were expected. DAMWON had a 4-7 record recently, but things started to change in the last 2 weeks. DAMWON actually remembered that they can still play well and the season is not over yet. The team started winning and got into a 4 victory streak which broke up after the unexpected loss to the last-placed Griffin team. Despite that, DAMWON is comfortably sitting in a 4th place at the moment and have all the chances to get into the playoffs. This is still one of the youngest teams in the tournament and some downsides and upsides are definitely going to happen, it’s just hard to consider them as a top team until it matures.

Dragon X vs DAMWON Gaming H2H

Dragon X is leading the H2H by 3 victories to 2.