CS:GO Flashpoint 3 tournament. Two of the top tier teams Astralis vs Mousesports will face off against each other in a possibly close series. To have more insights on this CS:GO Astralis vs Mousesports match, please check out the preview below.


Astralis (Ranked 4th) is one of the most known CS:GO organizations worldwide. After few years of pure domination and winning almost everything that possibly can be won. Astralis started to shake this season. News about one of the best awp’ers in the world and longtime Astralis member dev1ce leaving the organization and joining NiP left Astralis fans in shock. Bubzkji have joined the other 4 Astralis members in starting lineup, but here is definitely not as good as dev1ce have been for this team and will require quite some time to develop. Even with dev1ce Astralis haven’t looked good this season and had some issues, so it should almost be a new page turned for this team.


Mousesports (Ranked 13th) is currently on 3 games win streak after defeating BIG, fnatic and Complexity. Team Mousesports have made some roster changes this season by releasing karrigan and woxic. The change was needed and both dexter and acoR have filled their roles pretty well. Frozen and ropz are still the main carries for the team, but either bymas, acoR or dexter might show up at any given night. If there was ever a chance for Mousesports to beat Astralis, it must be now. Mousesports have lost all of their series against Astralis from 2020 up till now, so it would be great to continue a good run by defeating a long-time rival.

Astralis vs Mousesports H2H

Astralis have won 4 series in a row against Mousesports.