Ahq Esports Club vs Hong Kong Attitude will play at the third round of the 2020 PCS Spring Split playoffs. The winner of this series will advance to the semi-final, while the loser of this match will be eliminated from playoffs without a chance to get back. To have more insights on this PCS Ahq Esports Club vs Hong Kong Attitude match, please check out the eSports preview below.

Ahq Esports Club

Ahq have for years been one of two best teams of the former LMS region. This year is not any different while Ahq is still considered as one of the tournament favourites. Despite that and a good performance in the regular season, where Ahq finished second, they lost to Talon Esports in the second round of the playoffs and dropped to loser bracket. Ahq have also had a tough series against Alfa Esports while it was supposed to be an easy 2-0 for the favourites. Decision making of this team has become very questionable and with these kinds of performances, Ahq will have a tough time against some of the other teams in they’re still considering to fight for the title.

Hong Kong Attitude

Hong Kong Attitude have finished the regular season in 8th spot and were not considered as one of the better teams of this region. Despite not performing in the regular season, HKA have switched the gear in the playoffs stage and hasn’t lost a single match since. They won 2-0 against Nova Esports and 2-0 against Berjaya Dragons while being considered the underdogs in both of these series. Despite the roster of this team is an average one, the coaching staff of this team does a great job of finding the good team compositions that are comfortable for this team to play. The one thing is clear – this team won’t go away without a fight.

Ahq Esports Club vs Hong Kong Attitude H2H

Ahq are leading the H2H of this split by 2 victories to 0.