This will be the first leg between Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of 2018/2019 playoffs in National Basketball Association. This match will be held at Scotiabank Arena, in Toronto. Since both teams show great form, this must be a very entertaining game, so please read our preview below.


Toronto Raptors

Many people expected them to take a high position, trading DeRozan for Kawhi was definitely an improvement, the team started playing more collectively, and the team no longer depends on two players as it used to be before. Toronto secured 2nd place in the East with the second-best win rate in the NBA league this season, that only shows how much they have improved, of course, as every year, they managed to lose opening playoffs game to Magic, but then followed four wins in a row.

As was expected Kawhi very quickly became teams leader, of course, he is the guy that makes clutch shots, Kyle Lowry usually is the second key player in Toronto, however, in playoffs, he manages to start playing worse. This season Siakam became a big surprise to many opponents, as he makes 16.9 points per game, Danny Green and Ibaka are players to watch as well, if Green feels shot, he can make big troubles for opponents from 3 point range.


Philadelphia 76ers

76ers had a good regular season as they managed to secure 3rd place in the East, the team plays with big devotion. Just like Toronto, they lost opening game to Nets, but then also followed four wins in a row. They finished the regular season with a bad run, only 2 wins in last 5 games. However, it seems they found their game last week.

Undoubtedly teams leader is Joel Embiid, however big help comes from Jimmy Butler and Redick, Ben Simmons. 76ers is a team in which 5-6 players can that day’s leader so it is a very unpredictable team. Of course, it is a big advantage for them, as they have much bigger rotation.



This will be the 5th meeting this season. Raptors have 3 wins and lost only once.


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