It is game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals between Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors in Scotiabank Arena, the home of Toronto. Game 5 ended was interesting and went to the last seconds and game 6 should be good, so please review our thoughts about Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks NBA match here below.


Toronto Raptors

Toronto is coming up after a big win in Milwaukee. It was surprising that they won on the road and took control of the series. Now they have a huge chance to finish this and go to the finals on their home court.

Last game was usual for the Raptors. Kawhi was carrying the team and scored 35 points once again. This time Toronto’s defense was their main factor to victory. They allowed only 99 points, lock-downed Milwaukee’s role players. Leaders did not do much damage as well. Also, the Raptors were aggressive as they shot even 31 free throws. This helps very much in those “do or die” type games when some of the shots might not fall in.

Fred VanVleet was great in this game. This little guard stepped up off the bench and played 37minutes in this game. He scored 21 points and many of those points came in clutch situations. This helps Kawhi very much as he is not forced to be the go-to guy every time in late-game situations and is able to pass the ball to his teammates.

Toronto does not have any major injuries.

Best Raptors’ players last game were: Kawhi Leonard (35pts, 7rebs, 9ass), Fred VanVleet (21pts, 7/9 3ptsFG), Kyle Lowry (17pts, 7rebs, 6ass).


Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee is coming to this game after three tough losses in a row and is looking to get back on track. It will be very interesting to see how Bucks will respond because they need to make quick adjustments if they want to win this series. They have already lost control of everything, so they have to do something if they want to go to the NBA finals.

Last game was a tough one for the Bucks. Giannis once again played a good, but not a great game and this was not enough for his team to win. This is Greek Freak’s last chance to if he wants to show that he is MVP and it is crucial for him to step up. This last game, teammates, in fact, did help him and Bucks played some nice basketball at one moment, but in clutch situations, Giannis disappeared.

The backcourt pair of Eric Bledsoe and Malcolm Brogdon had a great game. Bledsoe scored 20pts and Brogdon scored 18pts alongside with 11rebs. But once again — this was not enough. You have to go to the game and expect that someone will help off the bench or Giannis will have a monster game.

Antetokounmpo rolled his ankle and this could be a huge problem for his team. He came back to the game, but this ankle will still be hurt, so we can’t say in what condition Giannis will be.

Milwaukee’s leaders last game: Giannis Antetokounmpo (24pts, 6rebs, 6ass), Eric Bledsoe (20pts, 4rebs), Malcolm Brogdon (18pts, 11rebs, 6ass).


Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks H2H

So Raptors took this pivotal game 5 and now have two chances to close out this series. It will be very hard for the Bucks to steal this game out of the Raptors’ court, but it is crucial to do so. This will be a hard battle, but this is why we love basketball — for big games and moments like these. So far, Kawhi has been better than Giannis and whoever will be better in game 6, his team will win. However, it is all set for the Raptors. If they will lose this game they will be in a very tough spot for the game 7. But it looks like Raptors show some more desire in the game and fight for every single ball. Bucks have to show same or better intensity than this if they want to fight for the rings.