This will be the 3rd match of this round in National Basketball Association. The result is 1:1 for now, this is a very important and interesting match in AT&T Center, San Antonio. Both teams will try to get an advantage, so please read our thoughts here below.


San Antonio Spurs

This is a very unstable season for Spurs, as they traded Kawhi for DeRozan, there were many ups and downs in NBA. Apart from DeRozan, there is no single leader. Coach Popovich likes when the team is not depended on one player. Today it might be Demar‘s day, tomorrow Aldridge‘s or Mill‘s or Bertan‘s. Many who underestimated Spurs were left surprised when they managed to start series with a victory. Only Murray‘s benefits saved Nuggets from total disaster in game 2 when they stole victory only at the end of the match.

There are several players who are important for Spurs, but they are not leaders. They share responsibility for results, first of all, of course, Demar, LaMarcus, and Patty, then Bertans and White. But it is a good tactic to share responsibilities and not allow one player to do everything. Popovich is an old dog and knows what is it like to be in playoffs, so this is the chance to once again provide good performance.


Denver Nuggets

Denver had a very good season as they secured 2nd place in the West, but with a start of playoffs, they started to struggle, and do not remind the team that conquered for the 1st place with Golden State Warriors. They lost first game giving home advantage to opponents and were very close to losing and 2nd leg, with a chance for Spurs to end series at home. However, they managed to win game 2 and now action goes to San Antonio where Denver has a terrible history losing 14 times in a row.

Teams absolute leader is Jokic with help from Murray. His amazing performance 21 points in 4th quarter saved Nuggets in game 2. Also, Harris and Millsap are key players whom opponents can’t underestimate because they can be punished. Team has to find something new if they want history not to repeat, otherwise, it might be 3:1 very soon, and then the whole season might be wasted.



As mentioned Nuggets haven’t won in San Antonio since 2012, losing 14 times in a row. This season they managed to win 3 times out of 6 games, all at home, including playoffs.


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