This will be the 2nd match between the teams in National Basketball Association playoffs, first ended with Blazers close win 104-99, and this match should not less interesting, so please read our preview below.


Portland Trail Blazers

Many people were surprised by Portland’s such performance in the 1st match, with Nurkic out for the rest of the season, it seemed that Oklahoma will have easy series. However, Lillard and McCollum showed everyone, that they will fight to the end and no one will have an easy win. Moreover, Portland has 12 wins in the last 14 matches and it only proves, that this team can not be underestimated under any circumstances.

It was Lillard, McCollum, and Kanter who carried the rip city to victory with combined 74 points out of total 104 points. The team also surprised with very good 3 points shooting 11/25 44%. But you can never allow such team shoot unguarded so many times because they will definitely punish without hesitation. Portland seems to turn in a completely different shape than they were in mid-season. Oklahoma has to make a lot of thinking if they want to win.


Oklahoma City Thunder

It seems to be another disappointing season for Oklahoma as they have earned only 6th place in the West, having Westbrook, George and Adams everyone expected more. However, in the NBA playoffs, everything starts fresh. They managed to come back to the game after being 19 points down in the first game against Portland, yet it was not enough. But the team showed they will not give up, no matter how much do they lose by. It was the first loss for OKC after 5 wins in a row.

In the first match Westbrook, George, and Adams scored 67 points out of 104 total and collected 29 rebounds. This only shows how much team is depended on these three players. D. Shroder scored 11 points and is also an important player. However, if the team will keep shooting 3 point shots with such tragic percent (15.2% in the last match). There is no way they will prevail, at least not playing in Portland. It is very important to start playing like a team. Not individual players, George made 0 assists, Westbrook too often also plays alone. If they keep playing like they played 1st match, Portland will be 2:0 up after the second match.



It was the first time Oklahoma lost against Portland this season, before, they won all 4 matches. However, all the games were won less by 10 points.


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