This is game 3 of NBA Western Conference finals between Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors, in Moda Center, the home of Blazers. Game 2 gave us some interesting results and this game Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors is one that we should talk about, so please review our thoughts here below.


Portland Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers are coming back home to Portland. They are after tough two games in Oakland and are ready to show their abilities on home court.

Portland played really well in game 2. Although they lost, Blazers were leading the game by 17 points and also their playstyle was fun to watch. Unlike in game 1, Portland’s leading guards stepped up and finally showed what they’re capable of. The bench was as effective as starting players were and this is one of the most important things if you want to win a playoffs game.

Blazers used their strengths very well and Damian Lillard showed incredible leadership as he recorded a double-double. This is what I talked about in my previous review that Lillard leads his team, but is not afraid to dish some assists to his teammates if he sees that they are in a better position than he is.

Portland has no injured players.

Playoffs leading scorers for Blazers: Damian Lillard (27.7pts, 6.0ass, 1.8stls), CJ McCollum (24.9pts, 5.5rebs), Enes Kanter (12.7pts, 10.9rebs).


Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors should be happy about the work that they did in the first two games of the series. But as famous NBA broadcasters say: “Series does not start until someone wins a road game. So that means that there is plenty of work to do if they want to go to the finals.

Warriors are a real team with great chemistry and character. They found strength in themselves to come back from a 17 points deficit and it is even more impressive when you add the fact that they did it without their two-star players (Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins). The playstyle of Golden State allows them to put up many points in a very short period of time and this is the main reason why they are able to come back from huge deficits.

This game was no exception — we saw a monster game by Stephen Curry. He came up clutch when the team needed him the most. He is full of positive energy and that energy makes his teammates pumped up. This is a definition of a true leader. Klay Thompson shows some good shooting as well. He is always ready to hit a shot when he gets a pass. Andre Iguodala shows some great defense against opposition leaders and he is a great fit for Golden State in late-game situations.

Kevin Durant will still be hurt in this game. DeMarcus Cousins won’t play in this game as well. He is expected to come back to the line-up by the finals.



So we have already seen two games in the NBA of these two teams. First one was a blowout, but the second was a treat for viewers. It looks like Golden State simply has too much star power for the Blazers. Portland tries to do everything they can, but with Stephen Curry’s leadership, it is hard to win against Warriors. However, this time they will play in Portland and we see a different team here. Blazers’ guards are making more shots here and it gets them going very nicely. We should see an interesting, close game.


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