This is a match in NBA between Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers, at Wells Fargo Center, in Philadelphia. We think it is an entertaining match, so please review our thought here below.


Los Angeles Lakers

Currently, Lakers are in the 10th seed of the Western Conference standings (28-27). After all these trade talks, the team’s roster left without any big changes. NBA experts thought, that LA’s young core should be disappointed, because of front office talks about trading them. However, Lakers are coming off a narrow win against Boston Celtics and it looks like Lakers should get pumped up, as they are looking to keep on winning. They need to do so because their goal is to make a deep run in the playoffs, but at the moment, Lakers do not even get to the playoff picture.

Lakers game mainly holds on LeBron James. Because, of his high basketball IQ, The King is able to involve all these young players to the game. In result, we have a high tempo, unselfish, offensive team that plays at a really high pace. Lakers leaders this season are LeBron James (27.0ppg, 8.5rpg, 7.4apg), Kyle Kuzma (18.7ppg, 5.7rpg, 2.4apg), Brandon Ingram (16.9ppg, 4.8rpg, 3.0apg). Rajon Rondo, shows great passing results this season, as he averages 7.8apg. In road games, Lakers are not doing their best (12-15).


Philadelphia 76ers

Currently 76ers is standing in the 5th place of the eastern conference standings (34-20). Philly is not doing well recently. They have lost 2 games in a row. this came will be second in two days. on February the 9th they are meeting Denver Nuggets. It will be a tough game, so 76ers will be tired. Philly is 2-6 in back-to-back games, so this could be an issue for them.

Recently, 76ers traded for Tobias Harris, which is an all-star caliber player. He will surely bring some more offensive power to the team. So this team holds on their 5 best players. Their starting five is one of the best in the league, but their bench is one of the worst. This season’s leaders for 76ers: Joel Embiid (27.4ppg, 13.5rpg, 3.6apg), Jimmy Butler (18.9ppg, 3.8apg), JJ Redick (18.3ppg, 2.8apg), Ben Simmons (17.0ppg, 9.4rpg, 8.0apg). In home games, 76ers is playing very well (21-6).



These teams saw each other, not a very long time ago. 76ers crushed Lakers 121-105, in Los Angeles. However, Lakers played without LeBron James, who makes a huge impact on LA’s game. The leaders for 76ers were: Joel Embiid (28pts, 11reb, 6ast), Ben Simmons (19pts, 8reb, 6ast, 3stls), and Jimmy Butler (20pts, 5rebs, 6ass). Lakers leading scorers were: Brandon Ingram (36pts, 5ast, 5rebs), Javale Mcgee (17pts, 14reb) and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (12pts). Rajon Rondo has put on passing display as he dished out 11 assists.