This is a match of NBA between Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets, at Chesapeake Energy Arena, the home of Oklahoma. We think Oklahoma City Thunder versus Houston Rockets is an exciting match, so please review our thoughts here below.


Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder has another contender to MVP title – Russell Westbrook. He is the only player in NBA history to average triple-double in three seasons in a row. Everyone knows about his nuclear athletism, however sometimes he likes to be too selfish and it hurts teams results badly. Big help comes from Steven Adams who averages 9.7 rebounds per game and of course Paul George who averages 28.1 points per game and is irreplaceable for Thunders. However, the team is very depended from the results of George and Westbrook. So if the opponents manage to stop them, to win becomes very difficult.


Houston Rockets

No doubts one of the best attacking teams whose leader James Harden from Houston Rockets is the favorite to regular season MVP title. Rockets are on 6 games winning streak. They still have a chance to climb to 2nd place in the Western Conference and will do everything to do it. Teams leader J. Harden is showing an incredible form averaging  36.1 points per game. Rockets have just beaten NBA record scoring 27 threes, this performance just shows us how dangerous team is on the offense. Clint Capela is proving to be one of the best centers in league grabbing 12.7 rebounds per game. And of course, big help comes from Chris Paul who averages 8.2 assists per game. In conclusion, the team is showing excellent form and for this day it very hard to stop them.



In previous three meetings this season, Oklahoma has surprisingly managed to win 2 times, last time in Houston, this will be the fourth meeting this season.


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