2020/2021 NBA season Playoffs will begin on Sunday and the opener match will be played between New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks. Both of these teams have a lot better season than everyone expected and there’s a chance for one of them to move forward. To have more insights on this NBA New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks match, please check out the preview below.

New York Knicks

Before the season started, New York Knicks were considered as one of the weakest teams in the Eastern conference without a chance to reach the playoffs. Well, with huge improvements in work ethic many Knicks players, especially Julius Randle, have stepped up this season and showed great results. Not only did Knicks managed to win 41 out of 72 games, but they also finished in 4th spot which gave them home-court advantage in the playoffs. Derrick Rose is shining under his former coach Tom Thibodeau and the whole team’s chemistry looks on point. Knicks have very good chances to reach the semi-final of the conference after all these disappointing years.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks is also one of the teams which surprised most this season – from one of the bottom teams, they managed to become a strong playoffs contender and even reach 5th spot. Despite having the exact score as Knicks, the Hawks had a losing H2H record so they won’t have a home-court advantage which usually plays a big role in playoffs. Even though Atlanta had some issues throughout the season, by the end of the season most of the players have stepped up and the Hawks looked better and better with each passing game.

New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks H2H

New York Knicks won against Atlanta Hawks 3 times in a row.