This is a match of National Basketball Association between Milwaukee Bucks and Oklahoma City Thunder, at Fiserv Forum, the home of Milwaukee. This will be 3rd teams meeting in this season. We think  Milwaukee Bucks versus Oklahoma City Thunder is an exciting match, so please review our thoughts here below.


Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks have shown true power this season by taking 1st place in East. Teams leader Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is a contender to regular season MVP title, averaging 27.7 points per game, 12.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists. However it is very likely he will not play against Oklahoma, because the team already cant loose 1st place in the conference, so considering that Greek just suffered calf injury, it is very likely he will be saved for playoffs. Also, P.Gasol and N.Mirotic will miss the match for sure. And since for Bucks this match has no meaning,  there can be more players who will miss the match. Without Giannis and few other players, it would be very difficult to win. The squad’s attitude will mean a lot if they will find the motivation to give all themselves for victory.


Oklahoma City Thunder

It will be a very important game for Thunders, which will determine their position in standings, they have to win if they do not want to face Golden State Warriors in playoffs. The team will have the maximum concentration for this game and will do everything to win. Moreover, the team has no important players injured. Teams leaders Westbrook, Adams, George are the ones a whose shoulders teams results stands. However, the team is not showing the best form, with 5wins and 5lost in 10 last games, however, last 3 games were won and that should motivate the team to give everything they have to strengthen their position and avoiding GSW.



This will be the third meeting this season in NBA, in previous meetings both times Oklahoma claimed victory.


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