This is the second match of the 2018/2019 NBA playoffs round 2. Since the first game was easily won by Boston this should be very interesting and might be the key match. Since both teams show great form, this must be a very entertaining game, so please read our preview below.


Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks have shown this season that they are a very considerable option going to NBA finals, they finished the regular season with the best win rate73.2%. With Giannis in front, it seems like it is almost impossible for them not to reach finals. However, after trashing Detroit 4:0 they were put back on the ground by Boston losing at home 90-112. This is a huge blow, not only because they lost at home. But also because they lost home court advantage and now they must win, otherwise they might face Detroit‘s fate, as the next two games will be played in Boston. It is possible, that passing round 1 just relaxed some players. But now it is time to wake up, and players like Giannis, Middleton, Mirotic will show that they finished 1st in the East not without a reason.


Boston Celtics

Many who thought that this season after Hayward came back, with Irving, Smart, Tatum Boston will be contenders to be 1st in the East, well they should be very disappointed, as Boston whole season wherein the bottom, and barely made it take 4th place securing home advantage against the Pacers, however, after that they started showing better performance, and easily defeated Indiana 4:0. And now they made the first strike as they took home advantage from Bucks, just trashing them by 22 points. And this time they might make a big sensation and by winning this game have a chance to close series at home. However, it is hardly imaginable that Bucks would perform so poor again. The fact is that Boston has the potential and motivation to make this possible.



This will be the second match in playoffs and 5th time this season when they face, the result is 2:2, and it might be a key game.


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