This will be the fifth NBA leg between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. Heat are leading the series 3:1 and are on the edge of making another shocker, by overcoming the Celtics. However, Celtics are a team with huge potential, and can never be underestimated, so this should be a very interesting game. To have more insights on this Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics NBA game, please read our preview below.

Miami Heat

The heat has shown in the playoffs their true potential. Jimmy Butler is once again playing his best basketball, especially on the most important moments, as it was in game 2. Also, another huge factor for Heat is Bam Adebayo, he is playing amazing in defence, and doing his best on offence. Spoelstra is proving he is a great tactician, by changing defence often and using the full potential of Adebayo. Another advantage is the bigger roster, that makes Heat more fresh team, available to play on full power in the fourth quarter. In this series, every game is decided in the end, so this is a very important advantage for Heat.

Boston Celtics

Boston played well in the regular season, but once they got Raptors, they started struggling. Celtics barely won series 4:3, and since Heat have a bigger roster, it starting to show up, that Miami team is much more fresh and ready. Finally, Hayward came back to help his team, but it did not make any much difference. Celtics are losing series 3:1, and now are only one step from the end of the season. Boston must improve, especially Tatum, Smart and Hayward because all three players struggled a lot in the last game, therefore, the team lost once again. However, the team has a huge talent and surely will make conclusions. Boston should win this game by controlling all game, however, if they will again start struggling in the end, this season could be over for Celtics.

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics H2H

Both teams faced each other 6 times this year so far, and Boston managed to win only twice.