This will be the fifth NBA leg between Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets. So far Nuggets are once again proving they belong to the elite of the NBA. Every the game they are showing they cannot be underestimated. This should be a very close and important game for both teams. To have more insights on this Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets NBA game, please read our preview below.

Los Angeles Lakers

Before the season, Lakers were among the favourites to win NBA, now that Clippers are already out, Lebron and his team are clear favourites. However, Nuggets are proving why they are in the Western Conference finals. Every game they fought till the end and even managed to easily overcome the Lakers in game 3. Nevertheless, the same was in the series with the Houston Rockets. Lakers lost the first game, made conclusions, and left no chances in the next 4 games, winning the series 4:1. Another huge advantage for Lebron‘s team is their long list of players who can take game into their hands. Anthony Davis, Alex Caruso, Dwight Howard, Kyle Kuzma. So it is a very difficult task for Denver to stop every player, but the key is to stop Lebron and Davis, only then Denver has some chances of winning.

Dever Nuggets

Nuggets are the only team in NBA history to come back from 3:1 back to back in the playoffs series. And once again they are trailing, however, this time the opponent is much stronger and has far more weapons than teams, Denver has overcome before. Jokic and Murray are the key players for the team, if the opponents allow them to feel the game, both players can score over 60 points together. However, it seems Lakers have found a way to stop Jokic in the first two games. Anthony Davis can take credit for that. Murray is a more weaponized player. But the problem for Nuggets is that if these two players are stopped, the team has no chance of winning, so they have to find a way to stay in the game if Jokic or Murray is struggling.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets H2H

Both teams have faced each other 5 times this year, and Nuggets managed to win only once.