This will be the third leg between these teams in 2018/2019 NBA playoffs round 2 since previous two matches had a great drama, this time it should not be any different. Since both teams show great form in NBA, this must be a very entertaining game, so please read our preview below.


Houston Rockets

You could say Rockets had two different runs this season, first few months were terrible, and then in mid-season, they finally started playing as they should, however, it was very close for them to be dropped in 4th place by Blazers, but Rockets got lucky, and managed to secure 3rd place in the West. First two matches provided us a great drama. It only shows that this year Rockets are prepared to give everything for victory. Harden, Paul, Capela are the key players, who carry the team to victory. Each has its own role, however, coach D’Antoni still likes to go and shoot the basketball. Rockets shots approximately 40 three points per match, and if they manage to score well, they usually win. Since they lose series 0:2 Rockets must win at home, otherwise, the season will be done quite soon.


Golden State Warriors

Warriors could that nothing has changed, they managed to keep all key players-Curry, Durant, Thompson, Green. They again secured 1st place in the West, the only thing that might trouble them is two losses in the first round against Clippers, because both times they lost at home, and the first time was after they were leading by 32 points. However, in first two games against the Rockets, Warriors look more concentrated. They have a better attitude and play more like a team. This kind of performance they must provide at Houston. Otherwise, very soon series will be 2:2, regardless of the result. Both teams are very similar and play very similar basketball. So Rockets must show something new if they want to keep up with Warriors. Because losing one game at home would allow Warriors to finish series at Oakland.



This will be 7th meeting this season, the result is equal 3:3, however, it is already 3 wins in a row for Warriors.


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