This is the NBA Finals game 3 matchup between Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors, in Oracle Arena, the home of the Warriors. This should be an exciting Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors NBA game, so please review our thoughts, here below.


Golden State Warriors

Warriors are coming after a great win in game 2 of the Finals. They did what they had to do — stole the home court advantage and are up for two games in their own arena. Winning these 2 games is very important and it will be very interesting to see if they are able to sustain their focus.

So Golden State will be playing at home where the atmosphere is electrified. This will be a great boost for them to win the whole series. They won last game on the road because almost every single Warriors player was playing very well. All the way — from the starters to the bench — everyone stepped up.

The biggest surprise was DeMarcus Cousins. Boogie played 27 minutes as he only played 8 minutes in his last game. Although he is not completely healthy, Cousins still managed to get a double-double and was a big factor to Warriors win.

Kevin Durant is still injured. Klay Thompson did not finish game 2 and is questionable for game 3.

Warriors best players last game: Stephen Curry (23pts, 4ass, 3rebs), Klay Thompson (25pts, 5rebs, 5ass), Draymond Green (17pts, 10rebs, 9ass), DeMarcus Cousins (11pts, 10rebs, 6ass).


Toronto Raptors

Toronto is coming off an upset as they really wanted to hold on the home court advantage. They did not look prepared for this game. Raptors were missing the intensity and focus in this game, on both ends of the floor.

So Raptors will be playing in Oracle arena where Golden State is almost unbeatable. It is possible to win there, but they are ought to fix some problems.

Mainly, their defense. Raptors were struggling to defend Warriors’ leaders and they did not defend some role players as well. Warriors do not even have Kevin Durant, so if he comebacks from injury, Raptors would be in big trouble. Nick Nurse has to make some quick adjustments defensively.

Another problem is playing Kyle Lowry. He had only 13 points last night, was missing open shots and free throws. He wouldn’t be such a big problem, but as he is a point guard and has the ball in his hands a lot, it causes many turnovers and offensive mistakes for them.

Raptors do not have any major injuries.

Raptors best players last game: Kawhi Leonard (34pts, 14rebs), Fred VanVleet (17pts, 4rebs).


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