Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers will the first match in this year‘s NBA which will take place in Chase Center (San Francisco). Both teams are one of the strongest teams in West Conference so this should be a very interesting game and the start of the season. Please read our thoughts about this entertaining NBA Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers match here below.

Golden State Warriors

Last season wasn‘t bad for Warriors, only the ending was as bad as anyone can imagine. They lost  NBA Finals 4:2 to Raptors, also Klay Thompson got an injury which ruled him out for this season. Knowing how important he is for the team, it is a huge loss. Also, Warriors traded Iguodala, Durant, Livingston, Bogut. And got D’Angelo Russell. This is their only hope that Russell will prove his worth very quick because otherwise, it might be the end for Warriors dynasty. Without their two most important player won‘t be able to match teams like Lakers, Clippers. M, moreover it is a huge question next to Russell and how motivated he will be, because there are many talks that when Thompson comes back, D’Angelo will be traded.

Los Angeles Clippers

Last season Clippers lost against Warriors in 1/8 of the playoffs. But it seems they decided to get into business this year. Not only managed to Kawhi but also Paul George. So this year they will be one of the contenders to win the Championship. Considering that Clippers will have Beverly, Kawhi, and George, it terrifies opponents because the defence of Clippers will be the best in the whole league. So this is a very good chance for Clippers to take down team which knocked them out last season.

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers H2H

Both teams faced each other 20 times in past 3 years, and Clippers managed to win only 5 times, considering how strong Warriors were, it does not make a surprise, but now Clippers have a perfect opportunity to start their own dynasty. At least while Warriors are missing Thompson.


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