Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks will be 4th round of this year‘s NBA which will take place in TD Garden (Boston). So far both teams are showing pretty good results, and this should be a very interesting matchup between Tacko Fall and Giannis. To have more insights on this NBA Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks match, please read our preview below.

Boston Celtics

Boston had great expectations before this season as they received Fall, Walker, and  Kanter. However, Irving, Horford, and Baynes left Boston. But so far Celtics are proving that they are ready to fight everyone, especially playing at home as they have great support from the fans. It might be a dark horse in East Conference as surely Boston is capable of defeating 76ers and Bucks. However, a lot will depend on how teams leaders will play: Tatum, Hayward, and Walker. These three players will carry team whole season and if they won‘t perform it will be very hard for them to even stand a chance against stronger teams.

Milwaukee Bucks

The team worked very well in transfers this summer. Milwaukee Bucks received Raul Lopez, Gianni‘s brother Thanasis and Korver. So the team has made their front line look more strong and also received an experienced sniper. Knowing that this year East Conference is much weaker it would be a huge surprise if Bucks will not take 1st place in East. However, there are always some teams that can make surprises, one of them is Celtics and if Bucks will underestimate them, it might cost them a win.

Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks H2H

Both teams faced each other 20 times in the past 3 years and results are almost equal. Celtics won 11 times and Bucks 9. However now Bucks is as strong as ever, so this can easily be their 10th win.


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