Spain vs Poland will be the first Quarterfinals pair. Spain has taken 1st place in the group stage, Poland 2nd, with a single but huge loss against Argentina. In the meantime, Spain defeated Serbia in a perfect game. So this shouldn’t be any harder. To have more insights on this FIBA World Cup 2019 Spain vs Poland match, please read our preview below.


Honestly, we can say that Poland was very lucky with draw, they haven’t faced any strong top teams, until Argentina, and then everyone saw, that Poland was lucky because they didn’t stand a chance against them. And now they have an even stronger opponent, so it is very hard to imagine Poland victorious. Of course they won’t give up but must start showing much better results, otherwise, they will face another crucial defeat.

Poland roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Lukasz Koszarek, Kamil Laczynski, A.J. Slaughter

SG: Karol Gruszecki, Mateusz Ponitka

SF: Adam Waczynski, Michal Sokolowski

PF: Aaron Cel, Damian Kulig

C:  Adam Hrycaniuk, Dominik Olejniczak, Aleksander Balcerowski


So far Spain seemed to be struggling, all matches go point to point, however they managed to defeat Italy and Serbia, where many people thought Italy could prevail. It seems quite strange because Spain has a very good squad-Rubio, Fernandez, Llull, Gasol all these players are experienced, they know how to play in such level and so far they cannot find the right form. Well, they have started to play well at the perfect time and must continue to show the same effort because Poland has an experienced,  hungry team, and they will do everything to use this chance for an opportunity to take the medals.

Spain roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Quino Colom, Ricky Rubio

SG:  Sergio Llull, Pau Ribas

SF: Rudy Fernandez, Xavier Rabaseda

PF: Victor Claver, Javier Beiran, Pierre Oriola, Juanho Hernangomez

C: Marc Gasol, Willy Hernangomez Geuer


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