Poland vs Russia will be the first game of the round in this year FIBA WC 2019. It should be a very interesting game because both teams are motivated, Poland is playing in the World Cup after 52 years break and surely want to use this opportunity as much as they can. To have more insights on this Poland vs Russia match, please read our preview below.


The national team from Poland is playing in the World Cup after a very long time, so far everything is going quite well for them, as they managed to take the first place in the first round. However, they seem to lack stability, very much upsides and downs in the match against China, where Poland won only after overtime. Although team had many chances to win in regular time, most likely pressure was hitting too much.

Poland roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Lukasz Koszarek, Kamil Laczynski, A.J. Slaughter

SG: Karol Gruszecki, Mateusz Ponitka

SF: Adam Waczynski, Michal Sokolowski

PF: Aaron Cel, Damian Kulig

C:  Adam Hrycaniuk, Dominik Olejniczak, Aleksander Balcerowski


Basketball national team from Russia is leaving a quite good impression, they won against Nigeria being underdogs, fought until the end against Argentina and lost only in the end, so if they will keep showing such spirit, they should win this game. However in this stage of the tournament you can’t underestimate an opponent. Poland took 1st place in their group, so even if they are not favourites they can still surprise and cost of a loss would probably end Russia’s tournament, so if they want to advance, they must show the same spirit and focus more than before.

Russia roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Mikhail Kulagin, Andrey Sopin, Grigory Motovilov

SG: Vitaly Fridzon, Sergey Karatsev, Evgenii Baburin

SF: Nikita Kurbanov

PF: Andrey Vorontsevich, Evgeny Valiev, Semen Antonov, Andrey Zubkov

C: Vladimir Ivlev


Article image is taken from https://www.fiba.basketball