Poland vs Argentina will be the second match in the second round of FIBA World CUP in China 2019, so far both teams have a win, so this match will decide who takes the first place. To have more insights on this Poland vs Argentina match, please read our preview below.


Poland has defeated Russia in the first match of round two, it was a very impressive performance, because the whole match Russia have led and Poland managed to comeback in the end and secure a win. So far Poland is performing very well, they have won all games, however now is waiting the toughest opponent, which also has not lost a single match. Clearly, Argentina will be favourites of this match, but so was Russia, and Poland Iis just proving that they will fight till the end.

Poland roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Lukasz Koszarek, Kamil Laczynski, A.J. Slaughter
SG: Karol Gruszecki, Mateusz Ponitka
SF: Adam Waczynski, Michal Sokolowski
PF: Aaron Cel, Damian Kulig
C: Adam Hrycaniuk, Dominik Olejniczak, Aleksander Balcerowski


National squad from Argentina is just rolling over every opponent so far, only match with Russia was a little more complicated, but it didn’t stop them from winning, and now they have an excellent chance to advance to quarterfinals, because opponent is not the strongest one, however, Argentina should not underestimate them, because Poland is proving that they will fight till the end, and relaxing before the final whistle could be a vital mistake, but looking to results, Argentina is looking much better and surely should take this game.

Argentina roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Facundo Campazzo, Nicolas Laprovittola,Luca Vildoza
SG: Nicolas Brussino, Maximo Fjellerup, Lucio Redivo
SF: Patricio Garino, Gabriel Deck
PF: Luis Scola, Tayavek Gallizzi
C: Marcos Delia, Agustin Caffaro


Article image is taken from http://www.fiba.basketball