Nigeria vs South Korea will be the last round in the group B of World Cup in China 2019, unsurprisingly both teams have lost their chance to advance to the next round, because none of them managed to win at least once, so this match will be rather for the honour. To have more insights on this FIBA World Cup Nigeria vs South Korea match, please read our preview below.


Nigeria had every chance to advance to the next round, all they needed was to defeat Russia, unfortunately, after the hard fight, they lost, and next followed defeat against Argentina, but here no one can blame Nigeria, they lost against a much stronger opponent. Now is the last match against South Korea, it is rather a formality, but Nigeria would like to end the tournament with a victory, not with third loss.

Nigeria roster for  FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Ben Uzoh, Ike Iroegbu

SG: Stan Okoye, Josh Okogie, Nnamdi Vincent

SF: Al-Farouq Aminu, Jordan Nwora

PF: Ike Diogu, Talib Zanna, Ekpe Udoh, Chimezie Metu

C: Michael Eric.

South Korea

Well, they surely came here with no high expectations, considering what opponents they got in the group stage, one win would have been impressive already, however it seems that even this result is way too far for South Korea. Of course, no one is blaming them, it‘s just not their level opponents, they stood no chance against Argentina, played quite nice against Russia first half, but that was it, in the end, Russia easily overcome them and now only one game left, hard to imagine South Korea winning, but surely they will try to do their best anyway.

South Korea roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Chan Hee Park, Junghyun Lee

SG: Sunhyung Kim, Hoon Heo, Daesung Lee

SF: Guna Raa, Heejong Yang,

PF: Junyong Choi, Seounghyun Lee

C: Sangjae Kang


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