Australia vs Czech Republic will be a very interesting pair, because Australia haven’t lost a single game, and Czechs managed to send home Greece. Anyway nobody believed they could reach quarterfinals, but here they are ready, to give everything they have to serve another surprise, to have insights on this FIBA World Cup 2019¬†Australia vs Czech Republic match, please read our preview below.


Australia have shown a true passion and concentration in the match against France, as they have won a very close match, and escaped USA in quarterfinals, instead, they have got a fairy tale living Czechs. It won’t be an easy match, because Australia has ambitious, which means they will have pressure, on the other hand, Czechs dont have what to lose as they already reached what seemed impossible before the tournament. Surely Australia will be considered favorites of this match, and not without a reason, they have much better players, more options in the offence, and if they will use them, most likely this match should not be a trouble.

Australia roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Patty Mills, Nathan Sobey

SG: Chris Goulding, Cameron Gliddon

SF: Mitch Creek, Joe Ingles, Matthew Delavedova

PF: David Barlow, Nick Kay, Jock Landale

C: Andrew Bogut, Aron Baynes

Czech Republic

Czechs are living in a dream so far, many who didn’t believed they won’t advance from the first round, well now they in the quarterfinals, and have a chance to make history and move forward, however the opponent is really tough one, Australia hasn’t lost a single game, have just defeated France and before that Lithuania, both times being underdogs, so it is very ambitious team. But they will have pressure, while Czech’s won’t because they dont have what to lose and if they will play as they did against Greece in the second half, anything can happen.

Czech Republic roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Jakub Sirina, Tomas Satoransky, Tomas Vyoral

SG: Pavel Pumprla, Vojtech Hruban

SF: Lukas Palyza, Martin Kriz

PF: Blake Schlib, Jaromir Bohacik

C: Ondrej Balvin, Patrik Auda, Martin Peterka


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