This will be the first match of group B in this year World Cup at Wuhan Sports Centre, in Wuhan. However, this is not a very promising match, because obviously South Korea is no match to Argentina. But this is a sport, so anything can happen. Please read our thoughts here below about this Argentina vs South Korea World Cup match.


Argentina have played 13 matches this summer, some were friendlies, some local cup. However, the results are not bad, only four losses and nine wins. Lost to France, Spain, Mexico and Brazil, considering the players Argentina has, it is a very acceptable result. The main players are Campazzo, Laprovittola and Scola. They will be team leaders and very possible that the whole team performance will be on their shoulders. The draw is not bad, only Russia might look dangerous, but Korea and Nigeria are much easier opponents. So if Argentina will manage to beat Russia, they most likely will take the first place. Of course, they must hope that none of main players won’t have any serious injuries, because that will definitely make things worse.

Argentina’s roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: N. Laprovittola, L. Vildoza, F. Campazzo;

SG: N. Brussino, L. Redivo, M. Fjellerup;

SF: G. Deck, P. Garino;

PF: L. Scola;

C: T. Gallizzi, M. Delia, A. Caffaro;

South Korea

Unlike Argentina, Corea played only three games in the preparation stage and managed to win only once, against Angola. Considering that in group B there is also Russia, it seems very unlikely that Korea could manage to take 2nd place, probably it will be questioning who will take 3rd and 4th place. Ricardo was absolute teams leader in qualification, however, since he is absent everything will depend on Kim Jong-Kyu. But one player cant play against five, and that’s why Korea has not many chances of advancing to the next stage. Like mentioned before, probably they will take 3rd or 4th place and this will be an easy game for Argentina.

South Korea’s roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: J. Lee, S. Kim, D. Lee;

SG: C. H. Park, H. Heo;

SF: H. Jeong;

PF: J. Choi, H. Yang; 

C: S. Kang, S. Lee, G. Ru, J. Kim;

Argentina vs South Korea H2H

This will be the first meeting ever, however, it probably won’t be very pleasant to Korea, as they stand no chance to win against Argentina.


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