Argentina vs Serbia will be the first pair of Quarterfinals. Both teams have shown pretty good results, only Serbia have lost once against Spain. But this match will determinate which team will reach the semi-final, to have more insights on this FIBA World Cup 2019 Argentina vs Serbia match, please read our preview below.


So far Argentina is having a very good draw, they haven’t faced any stronger team until now. However it is a good result, because Argentinians have truly fought every match, and they really deserve to be where they are. Now the most important battles begin. Argentina and Serbia are quite similar teams, both like to play fast, many three-pointers, so it could be Argentina’s advantage because Serbia seems to be struggling so far, as they haven’t won any match with big point difference.

Argentina roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Facundo Campazzo, Nicolas Laprovittola, Luca Vildoza

SG:  Nicolas Brussino, Maximo Fjellerup, Lucio Redivo

SF: Patricio Garino, Gabriel Deck

PF: Luis Scola, Tayavek Gallizzi

C: Marcos Delia, Agustin Caffaro


So far Serbia seemed dominant, however, their performance against Spain seemed very poor, as they lacked a will to win, it looked like they came here knowing they are the favorites and with a win in their pocket. Well Spain has brought them to reality, and now Serbia has to find their game once again, otherwise, it will be a big surprise. Argentina is showing quite a good game and surely is not planning to give up before a final whistle. Both teams has young, ambitious players, who don’t want to miss a chance on winning medals. So this match will be determined on how much Serbia will be capable to concentrate and focus, because if they won’t, Argentina will advance further.

Serbia roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Stefan Jovic, Vasilije Micic

SG: Marco Guduric, Bogdan Bogdanovic

SF: Marco Simonovic

PF: Nemanja Bjelica, Vladimir Lucic, Stefan Bircevic, Nikola Jokic

C: Nikola Milutinov, Miroslav Raduljica, Boban Marjanovic


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