Argentina vs France will be the second semi-final in this year FIBA World Cup 2019. Both teams have won a previous match being underdogs, so now neither wants to lose a chance of moving to the finals. To have more insights on this World Cup Argentina vs France match, please read our preview below.


Argentina has made a huge surprise by defeating title contender Serbia, but in that match, hey have shown a true devotion, passion and focus when they needed to. ven more surprising fact is, that Argentina hasn’t lost a single game so far, however now, the real challenge is waiting, because France have shown their abilities as well and defeated tournament favorites USA. So this will be a very close game, but it should be hard for Argentinians to keep the pace that France dictates, because they have more experienced players.

Argentina roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Facundo Campazzo, Nicolas Laprovittola, Luca Vildoza

SG:  Nicolas Brussino, Maximo Fjellerup, Lucio Redivo

SF: Patricio Garino, Gabriel Deck

PF: Luis Scola, Tayavek Gallizzi

C: Marcos Delia, Agustin Caffaro


Before the tournament they already were one of the title contenders, now they have a chance to prove, that everyone were right by expecting high results from them. France have made a big surprise by eliminating USA. But in that match, they have shown a great focus, stability, played very well on defence, Gobert have dominated under the rim, while Fournier, De Colo have led the team to a great and earned win. Now, they must show the same passion and stability, because Argentina, just like United States can play very fast, however France are favourites not without a reason, they have more experienced players, Gobert will surely stop Scola from easy points, so if they will play in same way like against Usa, surely France should prevail.

France roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: Frank Ntilikina, Andrew Albicy

SG: Nando De Colo, Evan Fournier

SF: Nicolas Batum, Paul Lacombe, Axel Toupane

PF: Louis Labeyrie, Amath M‘baye

C: Rudy Gobert, Vincent Poirier, Mathias Lessort


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