This will be the first game for both teams in this year World Cup 2019, however, there shouldn‘t be much intrigue, because both teams are at different game levels. Angola vs Serbia will play at Foshan International Sports and Cultural Center, in Foshan. Read our thoughts about this World Cup match here below.


This year they played 5 matches in preparation, yet managed to win only one, against Croatia. Another one against Puerto Riko was very close, lost 66:64, however, the next three were without any hope of victory, including a loss against Lithuania by 35 points. Of course, nobody is expecting some wonderful results from Angola. It is very hard to imagine them succeding in the group stage, knowing there is Serbia, Italy, Philippines. Most what we can expect is one surprising victory, probably against the Philippines. But 4th place in the group stage seems inevitable to Angola, and can’t blame them,  but Serbia and Italy are definitely different level teams.

Angola’s roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: G. Domingos, C. Morais, J. Goncalves, J. Conceicao;

SG: O. Cipriano;

SF: J. Antonio; L. Paulo;

PF: R. Moore, E. Mingas;

C: V. Joaquim, Y. Moreira, H. D. Mbunga;


Serbia are obviously one of the title contenders and everyone is having high expectations. That’s not without reason, having such players like Marjanovic, Jokic, Raduljica, Bogdanovic you must show very good results. These players are used to play at a high level, and they are hungry for victories. There some more players to watch-Micic, Guduric, Jovic, Bjelica. Team results will also depend on these players, also the question is about Teodosic if he will be capable to play in full power. Serbia will dominate in the group stage, and surely they can reach the final. They have very good starting players, also players on the bench, so the coach will plenty of options in every situation. Of course, Serbia is expected to take 1st place in the group stage and if there will be no injuries. On the right day, they can beat anyone because this team is young and hungry for wins.

Serbia’s roster for FIBA WC 2019:

PG: V. Micic, S. Jovic; 

SG: M. Guduric, B. Bogdanovic; 

SF: M. Simonovic, V. Lucic;

PF: N. Jokic, S. Bircevic; N. Bjelica;

C: B. Marjanovic, N. Milutinov, M. Raduljica;

Angola vs Serbia H2H

Both teams have faced each other 3 times so far. Angola was not even close to victory in all of them, and this shouldn’t be an exception.


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