This will be the only fourth meeting between Spain vs Russia, and it will be the last preparation game before the World Cup, both coaches will try the final twelve players who will go to China play for their country. Read our thought about Spain vs Russia friendly match here below. 


Spain played 5th preparation match today against Argentina and won 84:76, although it seems easy victory, after 3rd quarter Argentina was leading by one point, so only excellent 4th quarter allowed them to secure 4th victory, Ricky Rubio led with 25 points and Willy Hernangomez finished with 14 points and 9 rebounds. Both players are experienced teams leaders and only such performances will let Spain to truly fight for the title. What must be mentioned that Marc Gasol had some problems with the stomach, so one of the most important players was absent today. However it doesn’t seem very bad, so Marc definitely will help his team in Championship.


Russia has played 7 games in preparation, but the results are not very promising. Wins against Senegal, Italy should look promising. However, they lost to Iran, Lithuania and Argentina and it was quite awful performances. It only shows that Russia is not yet ready to challenge stronger opponents, yet this is World Cup, anything can happen, group stage is not very dangerous, while Argentina looks most serious opponent, Korea and Nigeria are really weaker teams, so nobody would be surprised if Russia would take 2nd place, teams roster isn’t what Russians would like to see, many less known players, but there are some very experienced, such as- Kurbanov, Fridzon, Antonov, Kulagin. These will be teaming leaders, however, it is doubtful that Russia would go further after the group stage.

Spain vs Russia H2H

This will be 4th meeting between the teams. Spain lost only once, 7 years ago, it is very hard to imagine, that it would repeat again.


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