Zalgiris Kaunas vs Barcelona will be the 12th round of this year’s Euroleague, which will take place in Zalgirio Arena (Kaunas). So far both teams are showing very different results, while Barcelona is in the first place, Zalgiris been dropped from 1st place to 11th with a 5 games losing streak. So this should be a very interesting game. To have more insights on Zalgiris Kaunas vs Barcelona game, please read our preview below.

Zalgiris Kaunas

Zalgiris started this season with a very promising start of 4 games winning streak, now they are facing 5 games losing streak and their next opponent is Barcelona, the best team in the league. This will be a very difficult game for Lithuanians not only because they are a weaker team, but also because Catalonians is being coached by Sarunas Jasikevicius. Lithuanian is a former coach of Zalgiris, who knows most of the current players. If Zalgiris keep defending like they used to before, Barça most likely will score over 100 points and win at least by 20 points. Zalgiris must improve their defense in the first place and start improving their offense, otherwise they don’t stand a chance against Barcelona.


Barcelona’s board finally decided to build a super team and signed Calathes, Mirotic and Jasikevicius. It costed a lot of money, but the result is visible already. Barca is starting to look as they are supposed on both sides. Their offense is unstoppable and defense impregnable. However, in the 11th round they somehow managed to lose against Asvel and this loss should give extra motivation to every player to show his best and start a new winning streak. Nevertheless, Jasikevicius knows they can’t underestimate Zalgiris, because this would be a huge mistake, and Lithuanians are known, for punishing everyone who makes such mistake.

Zalgiris Kaunas vs Barcelona H2H

Both teams have faced each other 4 times in the past 2 years and only once Zalgiris managed to win. So this is a chance for them to improve their record.