This is the second time in a row when these teams meet in the Euroleague playoffs. The only difference this time it begins in Spain capital. Considering the last time Real Madrid won in absolute drama, this must be a very interesting game, so please read our preview below.


Real Madrid

Real lost 2 of the last three games, and now it seems possible one of the team’s leaders Sergio Lull is going to miss the first match. It is a big loss for Spaniards because Sergio is the man you want to have when the last seconds comes. However, Real has good memories of their previous match. Then they trailed all match and managed to steal victory with game-winner from Rudy Fernandez.

Campazzo is the key player and he has stepped up for Madrid many times. Of course, this time shouldn’t be any different, for the stakes are higher and it would be a disaster to lose the home advantage. Walter Tavares as well is the key player. He had 14 points and 16 rebounds in the last match, well that is unbelievable statistics, and with Llull out Campazzo, Tavares and Gustavo Ayon must take responsibility and carry the team to victory.



It is a difficult season in Euroleague for Panathinaikos, as they barely managed to reach playoffs, in A1 league everything is pretty much clear, as Olympiacos are failing to remain as a team and are in the 8th spot currently. So it is clear that Pao is able to concentrate on Euroleague because the first round of playoffs is very difficult. And to be eliminated so soon would be a terrible result.

It will be a very interesting fight between Campazzo and Calathes. Whoever will show better performance, might decide match winner. Panathinaikos are very dependable on Calathes as he is their key player. Center Georgios Papagiannis will also have a big responsibility. Last time he scored 9 points and 7 rebounds and is starting to look better and better under coach Pitino. However, it will be very difficult to try to defeat Real in their own arena, as they lost to them in Athens.



In the past 5 meetings, all 5 victories belong to Real. Last time they trailed by as many as 19 points and managed to steal a victory.


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