Real Madrid vs Barcelona will be the eighth round of this year Euroleague which will take place in WiZink Arena (Madrid). So far, both teams are among top8 strongest so this will be an amazing match up to watch, as both teams have faced one another so many times and still manage to surprise an opponent. Please read our preview about this Euroleague el Classico Real Madrid vs Barcelona, here below.

Real Madrid

So far Real are in the 8th position and it clearly doesn‘t show their true potential because considering the squad they positioners are clearly top4 team. However, it seems they are starting to prove it as they have 4 games winning streak for now, and knowing that this darby will be played in Madrid, surely they can extend it to five. Nevertheless, so far both teams are playing well, and don’t have important players injured, so this should amazing entertainment because both teams have a chance to win.


In the previous round, Barcelona managed to win against Zalgiris in an away game, it was a huge performance from Higgins and Mirotic, as both players scored  51 points out of 93 total. Barca has already shown why they invested so much money this summer into the transfers. For now, it is obvious which team is the strongest in Europe, as Barca only lost once and it was in an away game against Olimpia. However, they still have a long road to go, because so far it is only 7 games played. Nevertheless, it is a very positive start for Spaniards. And this is their chance to show which team is the strongest in Spain this year.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona H2H

Both teams have faced each other 20 times in the past 3 years. And the result is tied 10:10, so this won’t give advantage to any team and will make it even more interesting.


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