Panathinaikos vs Barcelona will be one of the most interesting 25th round of the Euroleague matches, which will be held at O.A.C.A. Olympic Indoor Hall, in Athens. Two of the strongest teams of the tournament will face off against each other in this exciting battle. To have more insights on this Euroleague Panathinaikos vs Barcelona match, please check out the preview below.


Currently 6th ranked in the standings, Panathinaikos is playing very well so far this season, especially when playing at home. Panathinaikos only lost 3 matches at home, while winning 10. Panathinaikos have struggled to play on the road recently, but they’ve been consistent at home and this will be a huge advantage for tomorrow’s match. After re-signing former coach Rick Pitino, Panathinaikos have improved their performances. Nick Calathes and Jimmer Fredette are playing on a very high level and it’s hard to see anyone stopping them from creating the best possible shots for the team. There is also some kind of rivalry between these two teams and most of the time the team which plays at home, wins the match. We’ll have to see if history repeats itself on Friday.


Currently 3rd ranked in the standings, Barcelona have been facing 9 wins streak before losing to Valencia in the Spanish Cup. 5 of these 9 matches were won in Euroleague and the streak here is still going. With the victory tomorrow it might improve to 6, which is one of the best results of this year. Anyway, the task is not the easiest one as Panathinaikos is a very tough matchup to play against in Athens. Barcelona will have to get back to the style that worked and forget this unsuccessful performance at the Spanish Cup. This team have one of the strongest rosters of the whole tournament, and if there’s any team that can beat on-form Panathinaikos on the road – Barcelona might be the one.

Panathinaikos vs Barcelona H2H

Barcelona won 3 out of the last 5 matches, including one earlier this season at home, 98-86.


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