Olympiacos vs Bayern should be one of the most interesting matches during the 20th round of Euroleague, at Peace and Friendship Stadium, in Piraeus. Both Olympiacos and Bayern are performing a lot worse than it was expected from them before the competition started and both of these teams are very inconsistent. To have more insights on this Euroleague Olympiacos vs Bayern match, please check out the preview below.


Currently, 13th placed Olympiacos have won 7 out of 18 matches played and is one of the most inconsistent teams of the tournament. Anyway, the roster of this team is seemingly strong so there would be no surprise if Olympiacos would start to rise in the second round of the Euroleague. Olympiacos signed their former coach Georgios Bartzokas last week. He’s a very well known coach who has led the team into 2018’s Euroleague playoffs. It will be very interesting to see him coming back and what will he add to this team in order to reach the playoffs later this season.


15th ranked German team is very similar to Olympiacos. They have a strong roster, but the results were not as good as were expected before the season started. Bayern fired their 2nd-year coach Radonjic and hasn’t signed their new coach yet. It’s hard to expect a lot from them knowing that their performances were really unconvincing so far this year. Release of their long-time coach probably won’t help until the new signing. Anyway, the last match against CSKA Moscow was not a bad one, as Bayern managed to recover from nearly 20 points deficit before the half in order to come back into the game and only lost by 7 points in the end. It’s expected that Bayern will play similar compositions as it were with coach Radonjic and we’ll only see something new after their new coach signing.

Olympiacos vs Bayern

Olympiacos managed to win 3 out of 5 last matches against Bayern. However, lost the last match 82-85 earlier this season at Munchen.


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