Olimpia Milano vs Baskonia will be the 16th round of this year Euroleague, which will take place in Mediolanum Forum (Italy). So far both teams are showing quite different results, while Baskonia is falling down with few losses, Olimpia are climbing up, with an only recent loss, against Barcelona. To have more insights on Olimpia Milano vs Baskonia game, please read our preview below.

Olimpia Milano

Before the start of the season, Milano was one of the favourites of the Euroleague, considering how strong the roster is. However, the start of the season was tough and the games did not go as planned. But the coach Messina is a good tactic and started using players strong sides, which is attacking from long range, also less focusing on defence, because most of the players are playmakers. This season Olimpia’s attacks are hardly stoppable and most opponents are trying to force a slow game with more defence. Last two rounds were against Turkey’s best teams-Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahce. Milano managed to win both and proved once again to be top contenders of the regular season. However, the season is long but things are getting better for the Italians.


Baskonia so far has only 6 wins and already has lost 8 times. Considering the roster they have this season, it is not the very good result. Nevertheless, they are proving that this season they might be a headache for any team. However, in the previous round against Zalgiris, they looked without fighting spirit and allowed them to just crush them. The main problem of Baskonia is slow backing to the defence, Zalgiris easily forced a fast game and made a lot of easy shot unguarded. If they will do the same mistake against Olimpia, the result might be even more disappointing, because Italians are a much more talented team.

Baskonia must use Sedekerskis more on the defence because Lithuanian happily guards the best players and proves to be a key player. Also, players like Giedraitis should be more used on fast breakpoints. Considering how good shape Olimpia is now, Baskonia will have to do a really good job to try to make it a close game.

Olimpia Milano vs Baskonia H2H

Both teams have faced each other 4 times in the past 2 years and Baskonia managed to win only once.