Olimpia Milano vs Baskonia will be the seventh round of this year Euroleague which will take place in Mediolanum Forum (Italy). So far both teams are performing quite differently. While Olimpia lost only once, Baskonia has lost already 3 times.  And now Olimpia has a good chance to extend their winning streak because they are facing a struggling opponent. Please read our preview about this interesting Euroleague Olimpia Milano vs Baskonia match, here below.

Olimpia Milano

In the previous round, Olimpia has shocked everyone by defeating Barcelona, who hasn‘t lost before. And for now, Olimpia has 5 games winning streak. It seems that Messina has found a way to motivate and make team focus because the results have changed very much. Also, a big advantage is that Gudaitis came back from injury. He is a very important player. And now Olimpia can extend their streak because for now, opponents are not performing as they should, so this is a good chance to grab another win.


Baskonia started Euroleague with a win, however then followed two losses in a row. Considering the results, Baskonia is playing a bit worse than last season, so is showing the results as they already lost 3 games. And if Baskonia won‘t start improving their game, soon will fourth loss. It will be a tough challenge for them, because Milano also likes to play a fast game, convert turnovers into points, so if Spaniards want to win, they must improve and start focusing better. Nevertheless, hard to imagine that Olimpia would loose at home when they have just won against Barca.

Olimpia Milano vs Baskonia H2H

In the past 10 years, they faced each other 20 times and 11 times it was Olimpia who won. However, the H2H only shows how equal both teams are, and it should be a close game this time as well.


Article image is taken from https://www.euroleague.net