Olimpia Milano vs Barcelona will be the 8th round of this year Euroleague, which will take place at Mediolanum Forum (Italy). So far both teams have very similar results, both have lost only one game. So this match will decide who takes first place until the next week. This should be a very interesting game, to have more insights, please read our preview below.

Olimpia Milano

Milan lost only one game in the domestic and international leagues, so far they are proving to be Top4 team in Europe. Team‘s leaders’ Shields, Daniels and Melli are quite unstoppable. Nevertheless, they are facing another formidable team, so the main thing for Milano will be to successfully defend and try to counter-attack fast. Fast breakpoints might be the key because Barca is still not in their best shape and so far are making way too many mistakes. However, so far, Milano are making too many mistakes themselves and playing against Barca might cost a lot, because they have many experienced players, who will try to convert such mistakes into points. Of course, the main point wi be to stop Mirotic, who is without a doubt the best player in Barcelona, but so far no team managed to do that.


Barca kept most of the main players and also managed to sign some interesting players like Calathes, Hayes and Jokubaitis. Obviously, they are a better team than the last season. But the last game against Maccabi has shown, that Barca has a lot of holes and are far from their best form. Nevertheless, this is a very dangerous team, they have a lot of players who can carry the team-Mirotic, Higgins, Davies, Kuric, Hayes. To stop all of them is almost impossible, but Maccabi managed to destroy them and Olimpia should try to do the same. As we have seen last season, Barca is very weak mentally, if they miss a couple of shots, all game starts to struggle. However, coach Jasikevicius surely made the right adjustments and Barca already won 2 games in overtime this season.

Olimpia Milano vs Barcelona H2H

Both teams faced each other 10 times in the past four years and Milano managed to win only three of them, however, usually, the home team prevails and it should give a huge boost for Italians.