Khimki Moscow vs Zalgiris will be the 15th round of this year Euroleague which will take place in Basketball Center of Moscow Region (Russia). So far both teams are showing very different form, while Khimki are in top8, Zalgiris is sharing the last place with Zenit, so this game is very important for both teams. To have more insights on this Khimki Moscow vs Zalgiris Euroleague match, please read our preview below.

Khimki Moscow

Khimki started the season very well, and at one moment were among top4 teams. However, then followed 4 loses in a row and they were to knock out to 8th place.  Nevertheless, Khimki is still a very dangerous team, which most likely has the best offence in Europe. From the last 6 games 5 times Khimki has scored more than 100 points, only once scored 94 in an away game against Barcelona. Clearly coach Kurtinaitis urges the team to focus on offence and only then on defence. Well, this time it might be a true challenge because Zalgiris is a team that has one of the best defences in the league.


Zalgiris are struggling this season a lot, and it seems it might be a mental problem. Because tactically team is doing everything right, they make a lot of shots free. But when the game is tied and there are a few minutes left, it looks like team changes. If Lithuanians will not solve this problem, this season will end for them very soon.  It is obvious that the team is well built, they have an amazing coach, but Zalgiris has already lost too many times. Also, they are the team that loses by least points in all-league. So, this will be another huge challenge.

Khimki Moscow vs Zalgiris H2H

Both teams faced each other 15 times in the past 9 years and only 5 times Zalgiris managed to win.


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