Khimki Moscow vs Baskonia will be the second round in this year Euroleague which will take place in Basketball Center of Moscow Region (Russia). In the previous round, both teams managed to secure a win, so this should be a very interesting match because both teams like to play fast basketball with many three-pointers. Please read our preview about interesting Euroleague Khimki Moscow vs Baskonia match here below.

Khimki Moscow

Khimki is having big expectations because they invested a lot of money this season and surely fans expect results. And so far they don‘t disappoint. Khimii have won every match for now. In the previous round, they managed to win against Maccabi 89:83. Shved, Timma, and Gill have scored 57 points combined. Another thing to mention is that Khimki attempted 35 three-pointers and scored 14. It only shows how dangerous they are. Of course, Evans and Booker are expected to play much better, but it is only the beginning of the season and they will have plenty of time. But so far Russians are proving that it was worth to invest money.


Baskonia had a tough match in the very beginning of the tournament. Match against Zalgiris was supposed very close, but Spaniards did an amazing job defending under the rim which resulted in Zalgiris scoring only 58 points. Baskonia lost only once this season, it was against Barcelona in a very difficult match. So basically it is safe to say that the start of the season is positive. The only thing was Jeremy Granger‘s injury which means that his season is over. But seems that the team has worked it out and covers his absence very well.

Khimki Moscow vs Baskonia H2H

Both teams have faced each other 13 times and only 5 times Russians have prevailed. However this year they have gathered a very good squad, so maybe it will change in their side.


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