Fenerbahce vs Bayern will be the fourth round of this year Euroleague, which will take place at Ülker Sports Arena. So far Fenerbahce is looking very solid and hasn‘t lost a game so far. Bayern have spent this summer well by signing coach Trinchieri and letting go Greg Monroe who hasn‘t shown his true potential in the whole season. This should be an interesting game, to have more insights on Fenerbahce vs Bayern match, please read our preview below.


Last season Fenerbahce looked very vulnerable, although they had a lot of good players-Sloukas, Vesely, Datome. But it did not look so good in the game and they struggled all season. However, with Obradovic’s departure, it seems like the team started to look more fresh, which is odd, considering that the pandemic situation stopped all plays. This season they have to use their advantages, such as experience, speed.  Bayern also likes to play a fast game, but their game is full of mistakes and a lack of quality. Fenerbahce so far have proven all the critics wrong, who said that  Fenerbahce would barely make it to top 8. However, this is only the start of an unpredictable season, but so far it is going well for the Turks.


Last few seasons have been a true disaster for Bayern, as they failed to reach a top 8, even though, they spent a lot of money on new players. However, such players like Monroe did not bring a lot of use throughout the season. Nevertheless, this season they hired an experienced and respected coach Trinchieri, who knows how to play in Germany, and also knows how to play in Euroleague. This should be a lot better season for the Germans, than the last two. But they still got a lot of work to do, and their next opponent is very dangerous, however, this is an excellent opportunity to surprise an opponent and force him to the first loss.

Fenerbahce vs Bayern H2H

Both teams have faced three times in the last two years and Bayern managed to grab a win once. This is a good opportunity for them to improve their record.