Bayern vs Khimki Moscow will be the 12th round of this year Euroleague, which will take place at Audi Dome (Germany). Both teams lost the last 2 games and will be desperate to stop this losing streak. However, Bayern is showing a much better game and will be playing at home, therefore they will have some advantages. To have more insights on Bayern vs Khimki Moscow game, please read our preview below.


Before this losing streak, Bayern had won 3 games in a row and now are in 4th place. Their game seems much more improved with a new coach. There is a way less selfishness in the team, the ball is moving much faster and players are starting to get more confidence. However, they are facing a desperate opponent. Khimki have spent a lot of money, and so far it seems to be wasted because they have won only twice and now are in 18th place. But knowing what kind of player they have, it is a very unpredictable team and no one can underestimate them. Knowing that, Bayern are only slight favorite over Khimki. This should be a very tricky game for the Germans.

Khimki Moscow

Hard to imagine how the players think they can compete with such an attitude in the team. Shved, Jerebko just seem to don’t care about team results, and they are trying to improve their own results, but not teams. All attacks are based on individual skills. Coach Kurtinaitis has to be concerned, because of  such results he is sitting on a hot seat and few more losses might be the end for him in this club. Considering the teams Khimki have to face next, it is very realistic to guess, that coach will be fired this year. Unless, the team will determine to win this game and will start to improve.

Bayern vs Khimki Moscow H2H

Both teams have faced each other 5 times in the past 3 years and Khimki managed to win only last game. This is a decent chancr for them to improve their record.