Baskonia vs Bayern will be the fifth round of this year Euroleague which will take place in Fernando Buesa Arena (Spain). So far both teams have the same result in Europe, so this should a very interesting match as both teams will be looking to their 3rd match and move up in the table. Please read our thoughts about this interesting Euroleague Baskonia vs Bayern match, here below.


Baskonia has recovered from two losses in Euroleague and won against Olympiacos 82:66. Also, Baskonia is showing a very good form playing at home as they lost only once. And for now, they have 3 matches winning streak. However, this time opponent is much stronger and likes to play in the same manner. Both teams can score three-point shots well and likes to play fast basketball. But for now, Spaniards are showing a better and more stable form, so if they will keep improving their game, there should not be any problems.


Bayern had great expectations before this season, but for now, they are clearly not fulfilling their expectations.  Already suffered two losses, also when it seemed they recovered from losses and humiliated Lyon, next game Bayern again have shown poor performance and lost playing at home. So this time Bayern must improve and start playing well because losing such matches might cost the next round. So far both teams don‘t have any player loses, so it should be a very fast basketball, with many points and the team that will score better three-pointers will win.

Baskonia vs Bayern H2H

Both teams faced each other only two times so far, and both times won the home team. It would not be a surprise if this time it is the same result, because so far both teams play at home way better than away. Also both times it was a close game, so this time also it can be the same.


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