Barcelona vs Zalgiris Kaunas will be one of the most exciting 29th rounds of the Euroleague match, at Palau Blaugrana, in Barcelona. One of the most interesting matches of the week, as two great teams will face off against each other. To have more insights on this Euroleague Barcelona vs Zalgiris Kaunas match, please check out the preview below.


Barcelona (22-6) have won 9 Euroleague matches in a row, including the one against Bayern last week, in which they had 11 points deficit in 4th quarter. This Barcelona team can heat up very fast and it’s almost impossible to stop them after they find their rhythm in the match and get their opponents to play their way. Nikola Mirotic have once again shown why he’s earning all of those millions as he’s been incredible for Barcelona this whole season. C. Higgins was also a huge signing and this Barcelona’s stars just seems to have got along with each other very well. They will definitely be the favourites at home this Friday, but knowing what a tough opponent Zalgiris can be, Barcelona should not underestimate Lithuanians here.

Zalgiris Kaunas

Zalgiris (12-16) had every chance in the world to step into the 7-8 playoffs spot last week. However, they failed to do that while losing to the worst team of the league, Zenit Petersburg on the road. It was definitely a devastating loss as now Zalgiris will have to face some tough opponents and every loss decreases their chances to reach the top 8. But despite that, everyone knows what a tough team Zalgiris is and they won’t back down against anyone. Even though this team is young, coach Jasikevicius is doing a phenomenal job of preparing them for each match. Zalgiris might not have the strongest individual talents as Barcelona does, but these guys are very well-coached and will step up on the court with a clear game plan.

Barcelona vs Zalgiris Kaunas H2H

Barcelona have won 3 out of last 5 matches played, including the one earlier this season on the road, 93-86.